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Business Plan Template
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Build a rich global meeting industry community
Make our members successful by building connections to:
MPI’s 2009-2010 - Strategic Imperatives
Build a Great Organization - Create a remarkable culture and structure
Evolve from Association to Global Community - Deploy programs, knowledge platforms and
brand architecture to align with vision
Reinvent Business Relationship with Chapters - Invest in chapters to create channel
partnerships around community results
Elevate the Member Conversation and Experience - Elevate programs and services to a higher
level of experience and business return
Chapter Business Metrics
1. Net Member Growth
Percentage growth year-over-year
2. Membership Satisfaction
Percentage increase on annual member care survey (conducted by MPI HQ) results
Percentage completion
Percentage increase on chapter member needs assessment
3. Engagement/Participation
Increase in chapter program participation
Increase in web traffic
Increase in number of volunteers
4. Chapter Financial Management
Adhere to chapter budget +/- 5%
Annual Revenue Growth
Revenue Growth = Chapter Revenue - MPI Rebates - Grants
Year-End Membership


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