Sample Cover Letter - Limited Work Experience


resume template (limited experienced)
Sally Smith
Crown employee ID number:
Personal details
8 Smith Drive, SMITHFIELD Vic 3002
0444 888 444
Career objective
(*your career objective is optional and should describe
what you want to do and how the role you are applying for will help you achieve this)
I am seeking to build on my service experience and develop my
administration skills in an exciting role with a new team at Crown. I
enjoy helping people and I look forward to doing this in my next role
as an administration assistant.
Skills, abilities & attributes
(*list your own skills, abilities,
attributes and key strengths that are relevant to the role you are applying for)
Information Technology skills
Intermediate computer skills and proficiency in:
o Microsoft Word and Excel
Communication and administration skills
Superior and consistent customer service delivery
Advanced written and oral communication skills
Well organised and able to meet deadlines
Personal attributes
Approachable and welcoming
Quick learner and adaptable
Enthusiastic team member who seeks feedback to improve my
performance and develop my skills
Mature and patient when assisting people
Calm when working under pressure
Ability to work unsupervised and as part of a team
My Crown Career resume template (limited experience)


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