Non-Education Cover Letter


Include an introductory cover letter with each resume you send to employers. Each letter must be originally
typed and signed.
Your Present Address
City, State, Zip Code
Person's Name*, Title
Employer Name
Street Address
City, State, ZIP Code
Dear (Mr., Ms., Dr., etc.):†
(First Paragraph)
Indicate the reason for writing, the specific position for which you are applying, and, if there is a position
opening, the source from which you learned of the job and the date it was posted. If you are inquiring about jobs
in general and no opening was advertised, indicate your interest in career opportunities in your field.
(Second Paragraph)
Mention why you are interested in the position or organization and its products or services. Relate your
academic or work background to the position for which you are applying--how are you qualified for the
position? Point out your practical work experience, specific achievements, and unique qualifications. Present
information regarding your background and education in a way that shows a pattern of moving toward the
position for which you are applying.
(Final Paragraph)
You may mention how an employer can obtain your references or credentials. Refer to your interest in a
personal interview. You may suggest several dates or indicate your flexibility as to the time and place. Restate
your interest and indicate your eagerness to meet personally to learn more about the position. Include your
phone number. Thank the employer for taking the time to read your letter and resume.
(Your written signature)
Your typed name
Enclosure(s) (refers to enclosed resume and other required materials)
* Make every effort to get a specific name. If you absolutely cannot get a specific name, address your letter to
the right department, making sure you know the current name of the department--for example, Human
Resources vs. Personnel.
† If you are unable to get a name or do not even have the employer name (for example, if you are replying to a
"blind" ad), do not use "Dear Sir/Madam" or "To Whom It May Concern." More appropriate salutations might
be "Dear Employer," "(Position Title) Search Committee," or "Director of (fill in appropriate department)".
CWU Career Services, , 509.963.1921
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