Guidelines For The Presentation Of Preliminary Views And Proposals For Wrc-07


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Guidelines for the Presentation of Preliminary Views and Proposals for WRC-07
The following information is provided to assist with the creation of the United States documents for
national and international meeting concerned with WRC-07.
The preliminary view template is
designed to provide a summary of the United States' view on a particular agenda item. The position
paper template will be used to create formal documents for our delegation to use during international
Also provided is very basic template for United States Proposals for WRC. In the past the ITU format
for proposals required that the proposal number and action (MOD, ADD, etc) to be positioned at the
left margin of the page, the concerned text would be indented about 2 inches from the left page margin.
This is no longer required; the proposal number and action is now positioned above the concerned text.
Annex 3 was taken from an ITU letter concerning WRC-2000. This annex provides ITU
guidelines for the preparation of proposals.


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