Sample - Two Pager For Syndicating Deals


SAMPLE - Two Pager for syndicating deals
Purpose: The following template is intended for use by all angel groups in ACA NE so as to
facilitate deal syndication.
Disclaimer: Reference is made to the Agreement of Cooperation (the “Treaty”) entered into
between various angel groups in ACA NE. This Two Pager is provided conditional on and
subject to the provisions of the Treaty. By their acceptance hereof, the persons receiving this
Two Pager hereby signify their accession to the provisions of the Treaty. To view the Treaty,
please go to www. ________ com/DD Treaty.
Name of Company: ______________________________________________________
Lead Angel Group: ______________________________________________________
Name of Lead Investor: ___________________________________________________
Email address of Lead Investor: ____________________________________________
Phone number Lead Investor: _____________________________________________
1. Overview
Provide company’s date of formation, location, why formed, key milestones in its history.
2. Deal
Describe the structure (including closing date) of the current deal and whether prior investors are
participating. List names and amounts of significant investors in the current round. Detail any investors
who will be providing specific active involvement in the company.
3. Investment Thesis
Provide a summary of why this is an attractive investment.


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