Skills Inventory Worksheet


What do you have going for you now?
Inventory Your Skills
Skills come in a variety of forms. We all have them! Skills are the things you do well and
that are important to let selection committees, prospective employers or school
admissions officers know about as you pursue your next steps.
We recommend learning how to pinpoint your skills -- honestly and quickly -- when you
are asked, and to be able to back up your claims with examples of when you used them to
accomplish something meaningful.
Because different skills are useful in different settings, it’s good to get an idea of all the
skills now in your possession.
It’s also good to know which skills you’d like to work on, so that you can develop a
strategy to do so! Which skills do you lack that are necessary for succeeding in your next
Whether you are a new or an experienced professional, you’ve got at least two kinds of
skills: Self-management and transferable.
Think about the skills you’ve learned before and/or during your AmeriCorps/VISTA
service. Talk to a mentor, your site supervisor and colleagues about the skills you’ll want
to develop to be successful in your chosen field, and those they see you using during your


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