Leadership Toolkit - Analysis, Planning And Action


Plan your first 90 days
Building your 90-day plan
1. Develop your 90-day plan in 3 x 30-day segments.
2. Build momentum through three steps of Analysis, Planning and Action.
Your first 30 days - Analysis
"...learning should be a primary focus of your plan for your first 30 days on the job."
Conduct a systematic programme of learning about yourself and your new role - through
conversations, interviews and meetings.
Reflect on what you have learned and identify critical or strategic actions that need to be
included in your transition plan.
Identify opportunities for easy wins.
Your next 30 days - Planning
Focus on building your team.
Finalise your plan for your 90-day transition.
Your final 30 days - Action
Act to ensure success for your transition programme.
1. Be open to suggestions and feedback.
This will help you develop a more comprehensive set of actions as well as build effective
communication channels.
As an added bonus, openness also demonstrates your approachability and fosters the
building of healthy work relationships.
2. Use trusted advisors to test your actionable leadership priorities.
3. Remember the 80/20 rule. Do not put in unneeded effort.
There is a place for perfectionism, but for most activities, there comes a stage when there is
not much to be gained from putting extra effort into it. Save perfectionism for the tasks that
need it.
4. Finally, always follow-up, measure, and check to see if the actions are doing what is
You need to self-check – "do you consistently follow through on your most important action?"
Michael Watkins, The First 90 Days: Critical Success Strategies for New Leaders at All Levels. Harvard Business School Press,
2003. p.49.
"As you look for ways to create momentum, keep in mind that the actions you take to get early wins should do
double duty. Plan you early wins so that they help you build credibility in the short run and lay a foundation for
your long-term goals." Ibid. p. 85.
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