Format For Submitting Project Proposal


Format for submitting project proposal
Section 1: project summary
Give project title, PI name, Co-PI from the Institute and Co-PI from ISRO side
(mandatory to speed up the process of project sanction), name of Institution (s) involved
before writing the summery.
Written in telegraphic language, the summery should give an account of (a)
research objectives (b) methodology to be adopted and (c) expected outcome of the
project. This summery may be published in the list of on-going projects and will be
widely circulated amongst scientists/scientific institutions interested in the subject. In
order to facilitate the circulation, a list of potentially interested individuals/institutions
(with addresses) is required to be furnished along with the proposal.
Section 2: Origin of the Proposal
Identify the stimuli, which prompted preparations and submission of the project
proposal to the STC. The source of stimuli could be other reports published by STC,
proceedings of a special workshop/ seminar, announcements by ISRO on Thrust Area
Programmes, earlier project etc. In all such cases, give specific details so that the source
is clearly identifiable. If the project has no such origin, please state so.
Section 3: Definition of the Problem
Please give precise technical statement of only those problems which the project
is expected to cover with the specified duration (normally 3 years). Do not include
statement, instead, a straightforward definition of the problem.
Section 4: Objectives
Instead of an essay, it is suggested that the objectives be spelled out point by point
in telegraphic language keeping in view the definition of the problem outlined in section
Section 5: International Status & National Status
Please indicate the recent development in the proposed field of work, both in the
country and in the other part of the world. This should be in 2 separate parts (namely
Indian and international situations) and based on literature survey, inclusion of list of
important review articles, if available, is recommended. The section will enable the
referees to appreciate the effort that has been put in preparing the project proposal.


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