Ap Exam Seating Chart (Directions And Sample)


Exam Seating Chart
(Directions and Sample)
AP Coordinator or proctor: Complete the chart on the next page for every testing room used during each subject’s exam
administration and retain it for at least six months. (Your state or district may require you to retain seating charts for
a longer period of time.) Having seating charts on file will help expedite an investigation of a reported incident should
one occur.
Refer to the sample on this page to construct the seating chart. Use the diagram on the next page to indicate how exam
booklets were distributed in your testing room.
Note: Seating charts should not be returned in the exam shipment unless they are required as part of an Incident Report.
In this case, the chart should be included with the Incident Report in the IR Return envelope and placed in the first carton
(carton 1 of X) returned to AP Services.
For large rooms, use a separate form for each area of the
Draw a large X to cross out any unused area outside the
room and indicate, in words and with arrows, where areas
boundary. Draw a small X through any unused seats
adjoin each other.
within the boundary.
At the top of the chart, indicate the AP Exam, room
Write the full name of the student or the 11-digit serial
number, and school code. Beside the room number,
number of the exam booklet assigned to each occupied
indicate whether this is a complete room or a section of a
seat, e.g., S0002161811.
larger room by specifying the section (i.e., A, B, C).
For each row, draw directional arrows to indicate the
Indicate the position of the proctor’s desk or table if it is
direction in which the booklets were distributed.
not at the front of the room.
Print your name and the date where indicated.
Indicate the location of the entrance doors.
The completed seating chart must be returned to the AP
Draw a line around the group of seats occupied in the
Coordinator and retained for six months. Keep a copy of
room or in your assigned area.
any seating chart that is returned to AP Services in your
exam shipment.


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