Research Paper Sample Outline Template - What Factors Caused The United States To Enter World War I


Research Paper Sample Outline:
Paper Topic: What factors caused the United States to Enter World War I
Using the following example, write an outline for your research paper. You may use
bullets as you sketch out your paper with sentence fragments or notes style.
 "It is our true policy to steer clear of permanent alliances with any portion of the
foreign world..."
o Quote by Washington set the precedent early on that the U.S. would avoid
becoming involved in foreign affairs.
Setting/Time Frame:
 1914, beginning of WWI, U.S. declares its neutrality and President Wilson vows
to keep the U.S. out of the war
Historical Context:
 Isolationist policies of U.S.
 Underlying causes: expansionism, aggressive nationalism, system of rival
alliances, idea that war brings out best in men and countries
Immediate Context:
 1914, war triggered when a Serbian nationalist assassinates Archduke Ferdinand,
heir to Austrian throne
 America trading with all countries involved
Thesis Statement: 1-2 sentences, with three or more thesis parts
Although the United States tried to maintain its position of neutrality, its entrance
into World War I was justified based on German aggression, violation of
international law, and protecting economic interests
First Thesis Part:
 American tradition in staying out of European affairs
o Washington’s Farwell address
o Monroe Doctrine
 Wilson proclamation of neutrality Aug. 14, 1914
o Asks American people to be neutral in thought as well as in action
o “The United States and law of nations alike require that no person within the
territory and jurisdiction of the U.S. shall take part directly or indirectly in
the said wars, but shall remain at peace with all the said belligerents.”
 Most Americans agree U.S. should stay out of war, but few are neutral in thought
o Majority favors Britain and its allies
o German and Irish-Americans side with Germany


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