Job Description Template


Job description template
Job title: (insert job title here)
Reporting to: (insert supervisor’s title here)
Salary: (insert salary per hour/annum or total package including base salary,
superannuation, commissions or benefits here)
Hours: (insert average number of hours per week or type of employment such as casual,
full-time here)
Location: (insert location of the position and any travel required)
Purpose of the position (insert short paragraph which describes the overall purpose of this
position and how it contributes to the goals or function of the business, include the
authority level (e.g. manager or support staff) here)
Key responsibilities & duties
(insert the main responsibilities and duties of the position here. Then list the skills or
competencies which the candidate will need in order to complete those duties. It’s also
worth thinking about how important each duty/competency is e.g. how much of the job will
be spent on each duty and is it a must have competency or can you train someone to do
Duties of the role
Competencies sought
Must have or
optional (can
be trained)
e.g. Respond to
Communication skills including
Must have
enquiries – over the
conflict resolution and friendly
phone and face-to-face
from the staff and public
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