Sample Grant Budget Proposal


Research Grant Proposals-Sample Sections
Budget – 4 examples from prior proposals:
Example 1:
We request a total of $136,868 to undertake the study described above. The majority
of funds will go towards personnel expenses for the essential but time-consuming
activities of conducting and analyzing 160 interviews. This includes compensation for
sub-contractors to conduct the foreign interviewers, a course release for the Principal
Investigator, summer support for the PI and Co-PI, and support for a graduate student
assistant. The Principal Investigators will be responsible for the successful execution of
the project. The PI and Co-PI will conduct domestic interviews and, along with the
graduate assistant, code and analyze the data generated from these interviews and work
on the publications that this research will generate. The graduate assistant will also
provide intensive administrative and research support for the project. The total personnel
costs are estimated to be $120,125 . The estimated direct expenses for the project are
$14,400 and include the costs of interview transcription and supplies. The estimated
travel costs of $2,860 will enable the researchers to conduct direct interviews from the
appropriate domestic locations. In addition to the above, we also request a 10% overhead
to cover facilities and other support provided by our institution.


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