Appointment Letter For New Employees


EPP # 29
Implemented: 12/31/92
Revised: 2/28/11
Clerical Update: 03/10/15
PURPOSE: To provide a newly hired employee a written letter of appointment as a
regular/probationary status, contract, or temporary employee, as a formality, after
accepting a job offer.
SCOPE: Applies to all departments hiring regular, temporary or contract employees.
Note: Letter examples are for regular status hires and content may need to be modified for
other employment statuses.
The Department of Employee Services (DES) encourages the use of a formal
appointment letter as a follow-up to a job offered by phone or in-person. Examples of
standard appointment letters are attached.
The appointment letter provides important information to the selected candidate,
including: the agreed upon starting salary, reporting date, time and location, employee
ID number, employee group the employee is assigned, and other helpful information.
The offer letter directs the new hire to the County’s Onboarding Website where they
may begin their orientation to the County and also directs them to Employee Self
Service (ESS) where they can complete their new hire paperwork before their reporting
This letter may be delivered to the new hire either through US Mail or by email. A copy
of any appointment letter (conditional or final) must be sent to the Department of
Employee Services so it can be scanned into the employee’s personnel file.
Accuracy on an appointment letter is important. Inaccurate terms and conditions of
employment provided in the appointment letter or verbally may constitute a written or
oral contract if legally challenged. Staff from DES is available to provide specific
information such as benefits, salary, or service accruals for a particular position. We
encourage departments to direct new employees to the County’s On-boarding Web Site
to access the appropriate “Benefit Recap” sheet that summarizes the benefits, leaves
and other conditions of employment provided to a particular employee group or union
group. By directing new employees to this site they will receive the most current
information available.
If you have any further questions regarding appointment procedures, please contact the
DES staff at 503-655-8459.
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