Seeking Work - Employee Available


Seeking work – employee available
Your name:
<insert company name>
<insert where you currently live and are happy to work>
Primary skills:
<insert what your primary skills and qualifications are>
Primary experience:
<insert what your primary recent experience is>
Seeking the position of:
<insert the job or position you are seeking>
Start date:
<when are you available from>
What you are seeking
<Insert a short summary of the position you are ideally seeking and what relevant
qualifications and experience you have to suit that role>
Why you are a great candidate
<Insert a short summary of why you are a great candidate and what you would offer to an
employer. Describe who you have worked for and why you are currently available>
CV and accreditations
<Insert a hyperlink or contact email address to see a list of your licenses, accreditation and a
copy of your CV.>
Contact details
<Insert details of how to contact you>


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