Job Description - Internal Auditor/staff Accountant


Williamson County School District
Purpose Statement
The job of Internal Auditor/Staff Accountant was established for the purpose/s of providing support to department activities with
specific responsibility for ensuring that overall fiscal policies, practices and/or regulations meet compliance requirements; assisting
the Director of Budget and Finance, school principals and bookkeepers; completing audits and reviews of district processes,
procedures and methodologies; developing and monitoring internal controls; conducting audits of internal funds; evaluating the
degree of internal control exercised by each principal and providing updated procedures and work aids for district staff.
This job reports to Budget & Finance Director
Essential Functions
Assists bookkeepers with the use of accounting software both activity and County systems for the purpose of ensuring compliance
with State, County and District guidelines.
Audits a variety of internal activities and/or procedures for the purpose of ensuring compliance with prescribed auditing standards,
detecting issues occurring at the school level so proper resolution can be determined.
Collaborates with other staff members, school staff, independent audit staff, state agencies, etc. for the purpose of responding to
questions with fund audits and/or preparing work aids, manuals, policies and procedures for use by district personnel.
Coordinates the data processing system with financial data for the purpose of ensuring system is operating efficiently, effectively
and accurately.
Participates in a variety of meeting for the purpose of conveying and/or gathering information required to perform functions.
Prepares a variety of reports, documents and other written materials (e.g. concise statistical, analytical reports, monthly travel report
to Board, detailed audit findings, reports, memos, letters, etc.) for the purpose of documenting activities, providing written reference
and/or conveying information.
Prepares field trip payroll reports and invoices for school and other groups utilizing WCS transportation services for the purpose of
ensuring compliance with accounting policies and procedures.
Provides assistance to bookkeepers (e.g. conducting annual meetings, school activity procedures, accounting practices &
procedures, software etc.) for the purpose of responding to questions and communicating updates to policies and procedures.
Researches discrepancies of financial information and/or documentation for the purpose of reaching resolution, ensuring accuracy
of data and complying to established procedures.
Responds to inquiries from a variety of sources (e.g. staff, state auditors, government agencies, etc.) for the purpose of providing
information to schools and/or direction related to school accounting issues and clarification as needed.
Reviews district internal processes and controls (e.g. travel reimbursement related issues, waiver reimbursement requests, state
accounting manual, etc.) for the purpose of ensuring financial information is properly processed, reported, and safeguarded.
Other Functions
Performs other related duties as assigned for the purpose of ensuring the efficient and effective functioning of the work unit.
Job Description:
Internal Auditor/Staff Accountant
Printed: 11/12/2009


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