Personal Fundraising Letter Template


Personal Fundraising Letter Template
(Start with a friendly greeting since you are writing family and friends. For example: talk a little bit about how
you are doing, how your school year was, and what you have planned for the summer. Talking about summer is
a good lead in for the plug about the mission trip! Below is an example paragraph.)
I hope that you are doing well. It has been a good year of school but I am so excited about summer!
One of the highlights of my summer is that I am going on a mission trip to Laredo, TX. I will be one of 75 high
school teens who will be traveling to serve the people of Laredo, particularly in poor colonias. We are going to
be involved in all sorts of activities to support the poor and to build up the church. For examples we are helping
a poor community build a new classroom for their work with children. We are also adopting some families who
lost their homes from a major flood last year. We will be helping them rebuild their lives. We will also work with
the people of various communities to build up the faith through events such as VBS for children each day.
(Next comes a paragraph about the needs of the trip. You can reword the following paragraph depending on
who you are writing and what you feel is the best way to approach them about helping support you. If there is
more than one person from your family going, or if you have special financial circumstances, please include that
All of the missionaries are involved in fundraisers at our parish to raise approximately $20,000 to cover
the cost of construction supplies and tools to help us complete our projects. In addition to our fundraising efforts
to raise that amount, the individual cost for each missionary is $400 which covers the cost or transportation and
housing for the week. I am seeking the support from family and friends to help make this incredible experience a
reality by raising money to pay for this portion of the trip.
If you are able to sponsor me, please fill out the attached form and include it with your financial contribution.
This can be mailed directly to my church at the following address:
St. Ann Catholic Church
Attn: High School Ministry
180 Samuel Blvd
Coppell, TX 75019
(Close with a thank you, asking for their prayers, saying you look forward to seeing them or talking to them soon,
or whatever. These are people you know so make it personal!)
I really appreciate any contribution you can make, but even if you can't support me financially, please
support me and all of the missionaries by keeping us in your prayers! Thank you so much! Take care and I hope
to see you soon!
Love, or Sincerely, or God bless,
Your Signature


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