Sample Hr Manager Resignation Letter Template


Sample HR Manager Resignation Letter:
Bill James
PQR Corporation
500 North Avenue,
New York
NY 100 33
Date: 10
October 20XX
Subject: HR manager resignation letter
Dear Mr. James,
This letter is to officially notify you that I am resigning from the post of HR manager from
PQR Corporation, effective one month from now. 10th November 2014 will be my last day
of work here.
As you are aware, my employment here as HR manager, for the past four years was
mutually beneficial for me and PQR Corporation. It was a tremendous learning experience
for me to work under pioneers like you as seniors. I would like to thank the company and
you for all the opportunities and support provided during my tenure here.
In my next one month here, I promise my support in the smooth transition as well as
training and assisting whoever fills in for me.
I wish you and the company all the very best for the future and I will miss working with
you and my team mates. I can be contacted on 789789798 for any assistance of
Thank you once again for your considerate time.
Warm regards


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