Professional Resume Outline With Instructions


Excerpted with permission: Laslovich, S. (2009). A Primer on the Interview Process for a New Graduate
Therapist [PowerPoint lecture]. Retrieved from
Professional Resumes
The Purpose and Importance of a Good Resume
The purpose of a professional resume is to give a prospective employer enough information to
make the decision about whether to call you in for an interview or not. It is unlikely that any
employer would ever hire a therapist based solely on the job candidate’s resume, but the
professional resume is the entry into a potential interview.
Drafting a Resume
Drafting your first professional resume as a recently graduated therapist that adequately and
accurately represents your experience and skills can be a difficult task.
When writing your first resume, it is not enough to think simply in terms of your professional
duties as a therapist, but you should also consider all other related achievements and successes
that you have personally accomplished.
Start by composing a comprehensive list including your:
 achievements
 personal characteristics
 skills
 strengths
 attributes
 qualifications
 experiences
 professional affiliations
Some of these you will find easier than others, qualification and membership of professional
affiliations speak for themselves, so simply provide the relevant information.
Detailing your work experience takes a little more time and effort, particularly for your first
resume since your professional experiences are only just beginning. Spend the time on this and
do not avoid because it is difficult. You have just concluded many years of education to get to
where you are now and doing this will pay off once you have produced and effective resume.
Achievements can be more difficult to detail since more often than not modesty prevents most
of us from boasting about our successes and talents. It is probably not wise to enhance your
achievements through creative writing but take note that you can do just as much damage
through excessive modesty.
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