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Recipient’s Address and Greeting (continued)
You may also contact company employees through LinkedIn for additional information- this can
also serve as a great means for developing future networks!
Ms. Mary Smith
Human Resources Director
World Hunger
Lloyd Senate Office Building
Washington, DC, 20510
First Paragraph: Introduce Yourself (Briefly)
This paragraph should be no more than 3-4 sentences. Articulate why you are writing, a quick
review of your most relevant skills, and your interest in the employer.
Key questions to address:
1. Why are you writing?
2. Who are you, and what are you doing now?
3. Why are you specifically interested in this position and organization?
First Paragraph Example:
I am applying for the position of Policy Analyst, recently posted by your office to the Career
Services database at the Chicago Harris School of Public Policy. I will graduate with my
Masters in Public Policy from the University of Chicago in June 2012, and I am confident
that my education and professional background well qualify me to make a substantial
contribution to your organization.
Body of the Letter
How can you convince the employer that you would be an asset to his/her organization? In the
second paragraph of your letter, elaborate on aspects of your education, work experience(s), and
additional skills that are relevant to the organization and position. Use the vocabulary of the job
description as much as possible to tailor your experiences to the employer’s needs.
Key questions to address:
1. How did you develop the relevant skills/attributes for the required position?
2. How have you been successful in achieving your goals?
3. Why should they hire you?
4. What makes you unique or more valuable than other candidates?
Remember, you can draw from paid and unpaid activities- academic, extracurricular, volunteer,
etc.- as long as you can communicate the transferability of your skills.
Fall 2011
Please   n otify   J andi   K elly   (   w ith   u pdated/additional   i nformation.  


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