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Amanda Kelly
5544 W. Elm Street
Chicago, Illinois 60616
April 1, 2011
Ms. Mary Smith
Human Resources Director
World Hunger
Lloyd Senate Office Building
Washington, DC, 20510
Dear Ms. Smith:
I am applying for the position of Policy Analyst, recently posted by your office to the Career Services
database at the Chicago Harris School of Public Policy. I will graduate with my Masters in Public Policy
from the University of Chicago in June 2011, and I am confident that my education and professional
background well qualify me to make a substantial contribution to your organization.
My experiences and values are a strong match for this position. I am specifically interested in your
organization’s focus on social injustice and poverty in Latino neighborhoods.
Analytical Skills
Through completion of master’s thesis, consistently met self-imposed deadlines and produced
work praised by faculty advisors.
Conducted literature review of 39 articles and books, mastering extensive quantities of statistical
Identified issues to further explore in the area of minority poverty in urban locations.
Leadership Skills
• As President of the Students for Haitian Relief Club, set fundraising goal of $10,000.
• Led project team in recruiting student donors.
• Capitalized on rivalry between dorms to create competition-based fundraiser, exceeding original
goal and resulting in $12,000 in donations.
These experiences will enhance my ability to acquire expertise in a short timeframe and devise creative
paths to reach challenging goals. I believe working as a consultant in your organization will allow me to
apply my rigorous analytical training to generating resolutions to the issues of poverty, inequality, and
social injustice.
I welcome the opportunity to learn more about the policy analyst position and discuss my quantitative,
analytical, and leadership skills in more depth. I look forward to hearing from you and can be reached via
phone (312) 444-2323 or email Thank you for your consideration. I will
follow up with you in one week to ensure you received my application materials.
Amanda Kelly
Fall 2011
Please   n otify   J andi   K elly   (   w ith   u pdated/additional   i nformation.  


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