School Building Confirmation Letter Template


School Building Confirmation Letter
[Firs Name] [Last Name]
Dear [Last Name]:
We would like to thank you and [School Name] for helping the [District Name] School District
successfully conduct the Online Youth Risk Behavior Survey. The survey is scheduled for
[Survey Date], during [Period #] period. Classrooms [Room#], [Room#], and [Room#] have
been selected to complete the survey.
The following forms are enclosed to help you and [School Name] prepare for the survey:
1. Parent permission slip script. It is important to read the script before the permission slips are
mailed to the parents/guardians.
2. An information sheet on the OYRBS for parents and students.
3. An information sheet on the OYRBS for teachers and other school staff.
4. A copy of the survey for parents and teachers to look at if they choose. Students should not
see the survey prior to taking it, as doing so could bias their answers.
A few days before the scheduled date of the survey I will call you to make final confirmation,
review survey administration directions, and to answer questions.
Thank you again for your help. Please feel free to call me at [Phone Number] if you have any
[District Contact]
Survey Administrator


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