Department Of Human Services Business Application Electronic Verification Of Rent


Department of Human Services Business Application
Electronic Verification of Rent
When to use this form
Complete this Business Application (application) if you are a Business that wants to use the Electronic
Verification of Rent (EVoR) service.
EVoR is a free and secure online data exchange service available to Businesses which enables them
to send information to the Australian Government Department of Human Services to verify and update
customer rent amounts each time there is a change in rent.
Electronic Verification
Important notes:
of Rent (EVoR)
• Before completing this application it is important to read and agree to comply with the EVoR
Policy, Terms and Procedural Guide – go to
Business Application
• Business means an organisation that may use EVoR.
• To be approved to use EVoR a Business must:
– be a Legal entity, or represented by a Legal entity, capable of entering into contracts with the
Department of Human Services. A business or trading name by itself is NOT sufficient
– have an Australian Business Number or an Australian Company Number
– provide a postal address, physical address and contact details of a representative in Australia
– be a not for profit Community or Indigenous Housing Organisation providing affordable
rental accommodation to customers or a Business providing Supported accommodation
to customers
– agree to comply with secrecy provisions and the Australian Privacy Principles detailed at
Schedule 1 of the Privacy Act 1988 relating to the collection, recording, use and disclosure
of customer information
– have processes and procedures in place to make sure that customer information is protected
from misuse, interference and loss, as well as unauthorised access, modification or disclosure
– agree to comply with any directions of the Department of Human Services related to the
collection, recording, use or disclosure of customer information
– comply with all applicable Australian requirements for registration, industry regulation, licensing
or accreditation in relation to any of its activities and the provisions of residential and supported
accommodation services
– comply with the ‘expectations of organisations and EVoR users’ set out in the Policy
– NOT charge a fee to a customer for, or in connection with, the EVoR scheme.
• The person or persons completing this application must be:
– if the Business is a Legal entity – authorised to contractually bind the Business, or
– if the Business is an unincorporated association – the individual(s) that will accept contractual
responsibility for the actions of the Business.
Filling in this form
• Please use black or blue pen.
• Mark boxes like this
with a
or .
• Where you see a box like this
skip to the question number shown. You do not need
Go to 5
to answer the questions in between.
For more information
For information on how to complete and lodge this application, click here to go to our website.
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