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If nothing changed in your life over the next 5 years, would
that be OK?
If you want different results next year, what are you willing to
change in what you are doing now?
There is considerable evidence to indicate that expectations of your future do, in fact, tend to create your future.
People usually end up pretty much where they expect.
It seems reasonable then, to spend some time determining specific, worthwhile expectations that will make your
life more meaningful.
If you don’t have a written plan for your life, it may feel like you’re driving a car without having your hands on
the wheel.
The best way to predict your future is to create it.
Are you a goal setter? Do you typically set goals at the first of the year? If not, why not?
“With definite goals you release your own power, and things start happening.”
Zig Ziglar
This is a basic starting format for goal setting. You may feel you are being rushed or hurried. However, you will
find that if you do not begin to make decisions you will tend to procrastinate and your history will simply repeat
itself. A quick decision is often the best decision and is certainly better than no decision.
Indecision is the greatest thief of opportunity.
Goals are not written in concrete and unchangeable terms but they do give you a starting point and a destination.
The important thing is that you are in charge when working on your goals. It is the easiest way to put yourself in
the driver’s seat of your life. Your life has meaning only when you are working toward goals that you have
decided on.


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