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The Secretary of State’s Office registers and renews trademarks and service marks in the State of South Carolina.
Applications may be sent by mail or submitted in person at the Secretary of State’s Office. Please allow two (2) weeks for
the processing of your application.
Trademark and service mark applications must be completed in their entirety prior to being submitted to the Secretary
of State’s Trademarks Division. If you have any questions regarding submission of a trademark or service mark
application, you should seek counsel from a licensed attorney. The Trademarks Division acts solely in an
administrative capacity and cannot provide legal advice to customers.
It is the responsibility of the applicant to confirm that the mark the applicant intends to file is not already in use. To view
a current listing of marks registered with the state of South Carolina, please go to To search
federally registered marks, go to and select “Trademarks.” For questions regarding federal registration
of trademarks and service marks, please call 1-800-786-9199.
Application fees submitted to the Secretary of State’s Office with a trademark or service
mark application are not refundable, as provided under S.C. Code §39-15-1185.
Any fee submitted with an application will not be refunded in the event of refusal or abandonment of the application.
Upon the filing of a trademark or service mark application and payment of the application fee, the Trademarks Division
will examine the application. If the Trademarks Division determines that the mark is not entitled to registration, the
Trademarks Division will notify the applicant of the reasons why the application was denied. The applicant will then
have fifteen (15) days to amend and resubmit the application. If the applicant fails to amend and resubmit the
application within fifteen (15) days, then the application will be deemed abandoned and the application fee forfeited.
Any subsequent application must be accompanied by a separate application fee.
Instructions for Registration of a Trademark or Service Mark
This application must be filled out completely, signed, and notarized. Incomplete applications will be rejected and
returned to the applicant. The Secretary of State’s Office cannot offer legal advice. If you have a legal question about
this application or about trademarks and service marks generally, you should seek counsel with a licensed attorney.
The following notes correspond to the each part of the application, beginning on the first page of the application.
Part 1: Type of Application
Check whether the Trademark/Service Mark Application is “New” or a “Renewal.”
New - If you are submitting a trademark or service mark application for a new mark, check “New.” The fee for
registering a new mark is $15.00 per class (for example, if you are submitting an application for a mark in three
classes, the fee will be $45.00.) Classes are defined in the following “Classes of Goods and Services” pages.
Renewal - If you are renewing an active mark that has already been registered with our office, check “Renewal.”
Renewal applications are $5.00 regardless of the number of classes, and may be filed up to six (6) months prior
to the expiration date.
Check Trademark OR Service Mark. You may check only one per form. If you are applying for a trademark and a
service mark, you must submit two (2) separate applications. Trademarks and service marks offer the same level
of protection; one is simply for goods and the other is for services.


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