Form Pg-215 - Final Guardianship Report - 2005

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In the Matter of the Protective Proceedings of: )
Name of Ward:
Date of Birth:
Residential location of ward:
Ward’s Telephone #:
Instructions To Guardian
Please type or print clearly using black ink. In preparing the report, you must consult with the
ward as much as possible (if the ward is still living). The court will treat the information in this
report as confidential.
If you are unable to complete this form without help, you may find assistance on the website
of the Office of Public Advocacy (OPA): Your
local library and court may also have a binder of helpful information entitled “Family
Guardian Education Materials,” prepared by the Alaska State Association for Guardianship
and Advocacy. You may also call OPA at 269-3500 (in Anchorage), 451-5933 (in Fairbanks) or
After completing this report, you must sign it under oath (or affirmation) in the presence of a
notary public or court clerk. See last page.
If you were a full guardian with the powers of a conservator, you must fill out the entire form.
If you were a partial guardian and did not have the powers of a conservator (or if a separate
conservator was appointed), you do not need to fill out the financial information in paragraphs 10
through 17. The purpose of this report is to tell the court why your service as guardian is ending
and what has happened to the ward and the ward’s assets since you filed your last annual report.
Reporting Period
This report covers the period: From the end of the last reporting period:
To the date my services as guardian ended:
Information About Guardian
Guardian’s Name
Daytime Phone
Mailing Address
(box or street number)
Check here if this mailing address is new.
Relationship to ward:
Page 1 of 12
Probate Rules 16(e)(1)(C), 16(e)(3) & 17(f)
AS 13.26.276 - .286, .510, .570 & 13.06.100
PG-215 (4/17)(cs)


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