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Grounds for Relief
Notice to the Petitioner: You may be barred from presenting additional grounds in a
future post-conviction petition if you fail to present any grounds that you could present
here but do not.
The following is a list of the most frequently raised grounds for relief in post-conviction
proceedings. Each statement preceded by a letter constitutes a separate ground for
possible relief. You should raise in this petition any of these grounds that apply and any
other grounds not listed that you may have available.
Do not merely check the grounds listed. If you believe any of these grounds apply to
you, you must allege facts. The petition will be returned to you if you merely check a
ground and fail to list necessary facts or attach supporting documentation.
Conviction obtained by plea of guilty that was unlawfully induced or not
made voluntarily with understanding of the nature of the charge and the
consequences of the plea.
Conviction obtained by use of coerced confession.
Conviction obtained by use of evidence gained pursuant to an
unconstitutional search and seizure.
Conviction obtained by use of evidence obtained pursuant to an unlawful
Conviction obtained by a violation of the privilege against self-
Conviction obtained by the unconstitutional failure of the prosecution to
disclose to the defendant evidence favorable to the defendant.
Conviction obtained by a violation of the protection against double
Conviction obtained by action of a grand or petit jury that was
unconstitutionally selected and impaneled.
Denial of effective assistance of counsel.
Conviction under an unconstitutional statute or constitutionally protected
Denial of right to appeal.
State concisely every ground on which you claim you are entitled to post-
conviction relief. Summarize briefly the facts supporting each ground. If
necessary, you may attach additional pages stating additional grounds and facts
supporting same.
Petition for Relief Under the Post-Conviction
2009 / Reformatted 11/2015
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