Petition For Relief Under The Post Conviction Remedies Act Page 9


Give the name and address, if known, of each attorney who represented you in
the following stages of the judgment being challenged:
Preliminary hearing: __________________________________________
Arraignment and plea: ________________________________________
Trial: ______________________________________________________
Sentencing: _________________________________________________
Appeal: ____________________________________________________
Post-conviction proceeding: ____________________________________
Appeal from post-conviction proceeding: __________________________
Do you have any future sentence to serve after you complete the
sentence imposed by the judgment being challenged?
[ ] Yes
[ ] No
If your answer is “yes,” give the following information:
Name of Court: _________________________________________
Location: ______________________________________________
Case number: ____________________________
IV. Required Attachments
Notice to the Petitioner: If you do not attach the required copies or provide an
explanation why you cannot provide them, this petition will not be filed and will be
returned to you. You may then lose your right to file a petition if the statute of limitations
expires before you file another petition.
Attach a copy of the following documents to this petition or provide an
explanation why you cannot provide the copies.
The judgment and commitment being challenged.
Petition for Relief Under the Post-Conviction
2009 / Reformatted 11/2015
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Remedies Act


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