Petition To Proceed In Forma Pauperis


Instructions For Completing
Petition To Proceed
In Forma Pauperis
1. All blanks and all questions MUST be filled in or answered. Dollar amounts
MUST be clearly stated where requested.
2. Service of a copy of this petition MUST be made on the opposing party or
opposing party’s attorney.
3. Your petition may be dismissed or denied for failure to properly complete
all information.
4. If your petition is dismissed or denied, no further action may be taken
without leave of court until the fees are paid. Ten (10) days after notice of
the dismissal or denial the Office of Judicial Records may enter a judgment
of non pros in the action or strike the appeal if the fee remains unpaid.
Definition of Terms:
Affidavit: A voluntary declaration of facts written down and sworn to by the declarant before an
officer authorized to administer oaths.
Defendant: A person who is sued in a civil or criminal proceeding.
In Forma Pauperis: [Latin “in the manner of a pauper”] To proceed in the manner of an indigent who
is permitted to disregard filing fees and court costs.
Petitioner: A party who presents a petition to a court or other official body.
Plaintiff: The party who brings a civil suit in a court of law against another person or entity.
IFP Petition – (Rev. 10/2016)


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