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Family Care Leave
After completing her pregnancy disability leave, a woman may take up to an additional three
months (12 weeks) of Family Care Leave to stay home and bond with her child. Leave to care
for the child shall be no more than 12 weeks when taken in conjunction with 18 weeks
pregnancy disability leave. Family Care Leave for baby bonding is unpaid, but the employee
may use any accrued vacation pay.
Benefits During Pregnancy Disability Leave and Family Care Leave.
An employee is eligible for up to 18 weeks of benefits coverage during Pregnancy Disability
Leave and up to 12 additional weeks of benefits coverage during Family Care Leave for a
maximum of up to 30 weeks. The employee is responsible for their regular premium cost and
must make arrangements with their administrator to pay premiums.
Spouses who are both employed at the same Archdiocesan location are limited to a total of four
months Family and Medical Leave for the birth, adoption or foster care of a child, or to care for a
seriously ill parent.
Reinstatement after Pregnancy Disability Leave and Family Care Leave
The employee returning from Pregnancy Disability Leave or a combined Pregnancy
Disability/Family Care Leave is guaranteed a right to return to the same position, or under
certain circumstances, to a comparable position.
Intermittent Leave
Intermittent or reduced leave is permitted if medically necessary for serious health condition of
parent, child, spouse, legally domiciled adult, or self as certified by a physician. Only the
amount of time the employee takes off can be counted as FMLA leave. Employees must make
reasonable efforts to schedule leave for planned medical treatment so as not to unduly disrupt the
employer’s operations.
End of Term Leave Requirements for Schools
Instructional employees of Archdiocesan schools may be required to continue taking leave until
the end of a school term under the following conditions:
1) If leave begins more than five weeks before the end of the term and leave is at least 3 weeks
long and return to employment would occur during the 3 week period before end of the term;


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