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Employees on Family and Medical Leave are assured of reinstatement to their former positions
or to jobs of like status and pay upon return to work. Employees absent longer than the leave
maximum cannot be assured of return to their positions or similar jobs and may be terminated.
The maximum time normally granted for Family and Medical Leave is four months (up to 16
weeks); Military Care Giver Leave (up to 26 weeks) ; Pregnancy Disability Leave (up to 18
weeks); Family Care Leave (up to 12 weeks); combined Pregnancy Disability Leave and
Family Care Leave (up to 30 weeks) .
Employees returning from Pregnancy Disability Leave (18 weeks maximum) or a Pregnancy
Disability Leave (18 weeks maximum) combined with a Family Care Leave( 12 weeks
maximum) are guaranteed a right to return to the same position, or only under certain
circumstances, to a comparable position.
Extension of Leave of Absence
Under exceptional circumstances, the appropriate administrator, i.e., Pastor, Principal, or Human
Resources (for ACC/Cemeteries employees) may approve written requests for medical leave
extension. The feasibility of continuing employment is based on department needs and budget
constraints. However, an employee who has exhausted pregnancy disability leave may be
entitled to more leave as a reasonable accommodation for pregnancy disability.
Qualifying Exigency Leave
Eligible employees with a spouse, son, daughter, or parent on active duty or call to active duty
status in the National Guard or Reserves in support of a contingency operation or as a member of
the regular Armed Forces and deployed to a foreign country may take a leave of absence to
address certain qualifying exigencies which may include attending certain military events,
arranging for alternative childcare, addressing certain financial and legal arrangements, attending
certain counseling sessions, attending post-deployment reintegration briefings, and providing
care for a parent of a military member on active duty status. Exigency leave is an additional
qualifying reason available to an employee to take a Family and Medical Leave of up to 4
months in a 12 month period as defined by Archdiocesan policy.
An employee requesting a Qualifying Exigency Leave must provide written documentation
confirming the military member’s active duty status or call to active duty status in support of a
contingency operation.


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