Sample Letter To Parents/guardians Template


Sample Letter to Parents/Guardians
Dear Parent/Guardian,
Re: Internet Permission Form
As part of the school’s education programme we offer pupils supervised
access to the Internet. This allows students access to a large array of online
educational resources that we believe can greatly enhance students’ learning
However, access to and use of the Internet requires responsibility on the part
of the user and the school. These responsibilities are outlined in the school’s
Acceptable Use Policy (enclosed). It is important that this enclosed document
is read carefully, signed by a parent or guardian and returned to the school.
Although the school takes active steps to promote safe use of the Internet, it
recognises the possibility that students may accidentally or deliberately
access inappropriate or objectionable material.
The school respects each family’s right to decide whether or not to allow their
children access to the Internet as defined by the school’s Acceptable Use
Having read the terms of our school’s Acceptable Use Policy, you may like to
take a moment to consider how the Internet is used in your own home, and
see if there is any way you could make it safer for your own family.
Yours sincerely


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