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District Court
Juvenile Court
_______________________ County, Colorado
Court Address:
In re:
The Marriage of:
Parental Responsibilities concerning:
Attorney or Party Without Attorney
Case Number:
(Name and Address)
Phone Number:
FAX Number:
Atty. Reg. #:
You must submit to the Court some form of written P arenting P lan addressing all of the issues which are
relevant to the facts of your case. The written Parenting Plan must contain provisions for the allocation of
parental responsibilities including decision-making and parenting time.
You may use this form as a Parenting
Plan to submit to the Court. This standard form does not include every possible issue that may be relevant to the
facts of your case. A section entitled "Other Terms" is available for you to identify unique issues that you may
have in your case. If you n eed m ore s pace th an i s p rovided, attach additional p ages to th e fo rm. Any
additional pages must include notarized signatures.
To promote agreement among parties where the children are involved, parties may jointly create a written
Parenting Plan. If you do not enter into a joint written Parenting Plan, you must each file your own written
Parenting Plan. Without an agreement, the Court must enter its own plan which may be a plan filed by one of the
parties or may be entirely different. Whether the Court approves your plan or enters its own, the Parenting Plan
will become a Court Order.
This is a:
Full Joint Parenting Plan (we agree to everything and the plan is signed by both parties.)
Partial Joint Parenting Plan (we agree to some things and the plan is signed by both parties.)
Parenting Plan prepared by one party (no agreement).
If this is a partial joint Parenting Plan or a Parenting Plan prepared by one party, please complete and file with the
Court JDF 1129 - Pretrial Statement to identify issues that you have not agreed on. This is a required form if
you have any issues that you cannot agree on. A hearing may be necessary to address the issues.
The Petitioner is the child(ren)’s:
Other Party
(state relationship to child(ren)
The Co-Petitioner/Respondent is the child(ren)’s:
Other Party
(state relationship to child(ren)
JDF 1113 R5/10
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