Diet Plan Template 24 Day


Instructions for the
24 Day Challenge
Step 1
 Step 1: 10-Day Herbal Cleanse
(Days 1-10)
 Step 2: Max Phase or Lean-In-13 zig-zag eating
(Days 11-23)
 Step 3: Free Day – eat what you want!
(Day 24)
To receive the best results, enter and finish this program with a full commitment and
complete it “as designed”. To see the end results of this program, it is recommended
that you take before pictures with full body measurements (waist, chest, hips, arms,
etc.) and after pictures with after measurements. If you like the results of the 24 Day
Challenge program and would like to continue, it is recommended that you repeat
Step 2 as many times as necessary to achieve your desired look. Then you can
customize your AdvoCare products to meet your needs. Speak with the person who
introduced you to help customize a plan!
Step 1: 10-Day Cleanse
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