The Alkalarian Diet Plan


**Remember, one should always consult with a health care professional
before taking nutritional supplements or altering dietary habits. The infor-
mation contained in the following material is for educational and information
purposes only. It is not meant to diagnose, treat, mitigate, or cure disease.
The Alkalarian Diet
See your health in a whole new light!
Dr. Robert O. Young, a nutritional microbiologist, is a pioneer of analyzing living
blood cells. Dr. Young has spent years researching diseased and healthy cells under the
microscope. He found that unhealthy cells appear dark and mis- shapen, while healthy
blood cells are round and vibrant in color, practically glowing in comparison. Dr. Young
set out to find what caused this “inner light.” He discovered the essence of life is de-
rived almost exclusively through plants, and that every cell in the body needs the light
derived from green plants. The greater the amount of green foods consumed in the
diet, the greater the health benefits achieved.
Dr. Young also found that these plant foods are cleansing and alkalizing to the body,
while processed and refined foods can increase unhealthy levels of acidity and toxins.
Through his findings, Dr. Young concluded that over-acidification of the body is the
underlying cause of all disease. Because many people consume a diet primarily com-
prised of acid-forming foods, (i.e. sugar, meat, dairy, yeast breads, etc.) rather than
green plant foods, they are sick and tired.
Dr. Young and his wife, Shelley Redford Young, set out to help others understand the
acid-alkaline theory. They are the founders of InnerLight International, the Robert O.
Young Research Center, the InnerLight Foundation, and Shelley Young’s Academy of
Culinary Arts. In addition, Dr. Young is the author of Sick and Tired? Reclaim Your
Inner Terrainã, and Shelley Young shares her alkalizing recipes in Back to the House of
Healthã. It is through these resources that one can learn how to overcome health
challenges naturally and come into balance.
When the pH level in one’s body is unbalanced, almost any area of the body can be
affected; nervous system (depression), cardiovascular system (heart disease), muscles
(fatigue), skin (aging), etc. Even obesity is a sign of over-acidity, a normal body re-
sponse which protects vital organs from damaging acids and their effects. Conversely,
in an alkaline environment, the body reaches an ideal weight and corrects negative
health challenges naturally.
Dr. Young set out to harness the natural light and energy found in green plants and
direct this energy to individual human cells. The result is a family of
natural, plant and mineral-based supplements, in both capsule and liquid colloidal form.
Colloids are tiny particles, absorbed in the mouth and throat.
These products not only increase energy, but also help to destroy harmful organisms
that decrease one’s energy and vitality. The electric charge and frequency of these
particles are designed to match that of the body’s cells. In this manner, a new level of


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