Affidavit Of Correction Template


State of Colorado
County of _______
Affidavit of Correction
On this ____day of _________,20__,I (Surveyors Name), having no ownership interest in the after described
lands, upon oath and under penalty of perjury, depose and say, as provided in CRS 38-51-111 as follows:
That I am a Licensed Professional Land Surveyor in the State of Colorado and prepared the Plat of (Insert
Subdivision name), a subdivision of a tract of land situated in Section __, Township __ __, Range __ __, of
the ___Meridian, the said Plat of ________________________, having been recorded in Book __, Page
___, Reception Number _________, of the ______ County Records.
Affiant further states: (state errors to be corrected) is/are incorrectly shown on the face of said plat.
Said (state error) is/are hereby corrected to read as (state corrected information here) on the face of the plat.
This correction meets the requirements of CRS 38-51-111 (2) (a,b,c,d pick one ).
Affiant further states that the aforementioned Plat of (Insert Subdivision name) is hereby corrected to
conform to the above described descriptions in the same manner as if said descriptions had been re-recorded
with the proper notations contained hereon.
Licensed Professional Land Surveyor
Colorado Registration Number _______
( Remove notary if not needed)
Subscribed and sworn to before me this ____ day of __________, 20__
My commission expires __________________
Notary Public


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