Market Analysis Worksheet Template


This market analysis tool is to help get you started in figuring out what the community needs to focus on
and what is their most important of needs. For many, they just talk of a market analysis but what
actually is one. No two look alike, but there are the main points that all market analysis involve:
understanding the market, analysis of opportunities by sector, and putting your research to work as
stated by the University of Wisconsin-Extension. Below you will find the tools to get you started in your
process. Below, you will receive the following: A step-by-step checklist, a sample of a SWOT analysis, a
SWOT analysis template, a consumer survey, a business retention survey, and a tutorial on how to
gather valuable information which will include demographics, projected demographics in 5 years,
workforce details, and consumer spending information.
What is your goal?
SWOT analysis – Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, Threat (example and template attached)
Determine what has already been done
Research/Survey – Define the need. May be to support successful businesses, recruit other
and fill vacancies, how to improve sales, second floor usage.
Benchmark indicators – building vacancy levels, business sales, private investments, economic
Proper people involved – Show ROI (Return on investment)
Create market analysis committee – make realistic timetable
Can you do it internally, or do you need to hire consultant.
Inventory database
Get demographics of city (consumer spending, workforce, demographics, projected
demographics. Tutorial attached)
Analysis of resident lifestyles (survey attached)
Estimates of sales potential (can get an idea from demographics)
Business needs (survey attached, interviews)
Gather information and analyze the needs
Define the needs and determine moving forward


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