The Five Major World Religions Worksheet


The Major World Religions
Directions: Read pp. 282-296 and answer the following questions.
1. Define religion.
2. Using the pie chart “World Population’s Religious Affiliations” on p. 282, determine how many
people belong to each of the five major religions and how many do not. (To calculate these
figures, multiply 6.2 billion by the percentage for each religion.)
Christianity: _______________
Islam: ____________________
Hinduism: _________________
Buddhism: _________________
Judaism: ___________________
Other: _____________________
Nonreligious: _______________
3. Use the pie charts on pp. 282-283 to answer the following questions.
 Which area of the world is overwhelmingly Muslim?
 Which country has the most “officially nonreligious” subjects?
 Which country mostly practices Judaism?
 Which country is mainly Hindu?
 Which area of the world has the most Buddhists?
 Which continent is almost equally divided between Muslim and Christian?
 Which three areas of the world are overwhelmingly Christian?
4. Where do most Buddhists live today?
5. What were Buddha’s teachings known as?
6. According to Buddha, what was the key to happiness?


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