Storage Space Rental Agreement


This RENTAL AGREEMENT made and entered into by and between VB Storage, LLC
(hereinafter referred to as “Landlord”) and_________________________________
of______________________________ (hereinafter referred to as “Tenant”).
In consideration of the obligation of Tenant to pay rent as herein provided and in
consideration of the other terms, covenants and conditions hereof. Landlord hereby rents
to Tenant, and Tenant hereby takes from Landlord approximately _______ square feet of
warehouse space on the Property known as VB Storage, LLC, such space being more
particularly described as Space No. _____ and being hereinafter referred to as
“Premises,” for a term of (semiannual/annual) beginning the ____ day of
. Tenant shall pay rent for Premises in the sum of
$_____________________ (quarterly). The Landlord acknowledges the sum of
$_______________ as first months rent and the sum of $__________________ as a
security deposit. This Rental Agreement shall be a (semiannual/annual) lease but shall be
automatically extended as to Tenant to cover each succeeding (month/year) unless Tenant
delivers to Landlord a written notice of its intention to terminate the Agreement as lease
thirty (30) days prior to the due date of the rental payment which Tenant desires to be the
final date of this Agreement. In the event of default, any unused prepaid rent and/or
security deposit shall constitute liquidated damages. This Rental Agreement is made and
entered into upon the condition and covenants as follows:
1. Rental Payment: Tenant shall pay rent, in advance for each period due on the
date as noted above and quietly deliver up said Premises on the day of the expiration of
this lease in as good condition as the same were in when received, reasonable wear and
tear thereof accepted.
Usage: The Premises may be used and occupied only for the purpose of
storing property and for no other purpose or purposes without prior written consent of the
Landlord. Tenant shall not, without the Landlord’s prior written consent, keep anything
within the Premises or use the Premises for any purpose which increases insurance
premium costs, or invalidates any insurance policy carried on the Premises or on other
parts of the building in which the Premises is located (the “building”); or for any illegal
purpose or in any manner which violates Federal, State or local regulations or ordinances.
All property kept, stored or maintained with the Premises by Tenant’s sole risk.
Insurance and Indemnity: Any insurance which may be carried by Landlord
and Tenant against any loss or damage to the building or its contents and other
improvement situated on the Premises shall be for the sole benefit of the, parties carrying
such insurance and under its control. Landlord shall not be liable to Tenant or any other
person on the Premises for any loss or damage to Tenant, it’s employees, agents or guests
to the personal property of Tenant or such other person, caused by any acts of negligence


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