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Application Arrival Date 
(Office use only)
Thompson Apartment APPLICATION
Thompson Copper Apartment
Thompson Family Residence
Please note: Applicants are responsible for checking their
application status.
Please ensure you provide accurate
University College of the North
University College of the North, The 504
contact information.
Applications with incorrect contact
11 Copper Road
information will be considered incomplete and not be
Thompson, MB R8N 0V5
Phone: (204) 677-0694
Phone: (204) 677-6739
Fax: (204) 677-6492
Name __________________________________________________________________________________
Student ID _____________________________
Gender M ___
F ___
Age _______
Street or P.O. Box No. (Current Home and mailing address)
Postal Code
Personal Photo ID # (driver’s license/treaty #)
Telephone ______________ __________________ _______________ ______________ ______________
Home No.
Alternate No. (1)
Alternate No. (2)
Cell No.
Please make sure your contact numbers are accurate and in service.
________________________________________ Program Length __________
Name of program in which you are enrolled
Number of years you have previously attended UCN _______________ or New Student
Anticipated total number of years you will attend UCN _____________Number of daily classes _____
Guarantor Name:
_____________________________________ Do you own a vehicle? ____________
A guarantor is someone who will pay any outstanding debt if you don’t. A guarantor is required and will need to sign the guarantor application form.
Please note: Due to the number of applicants and family unit size those families with only one dependent are considered low
priority. We do not have 2 bedroom apartments.
How many bedrooms requested 1
or 2
Family members who will reside in the apartment:
Age Gender Relationship to Applicant
Income status
Working, School, No-income
Please provide a contact name and number for the last two places where you lived. We will contact
landlords for a reference.
1. Name_____________________________________________
Phone _______________________
2. Name _____________________________________________
Phone _______________________


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