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 Some schools may explicitly tell you that you cannot exceed a certain length. If
so, stick to their rules and see your College Counselor or another trusted advisor
to help you meet your goal.
 Be concise! Admission counselors have limited time to spend on the essay; make
every word count.
 Ask someone who knows you well to read your essay. Ask them to tell you what
they think you were hoping to convey.
 Read your essay aloud – even just to yourself. You might find mistakes or
awkward phrases that your eyes have glossed over when reading silently.
 Once you have finished your essay, put it aside for a few days. Come back to it in
a few days. A fresh perspective will bring new energy and new insight to your
 Avoid procrastination; careless mistakes are made when you feel the pressure of a
 Your best resources will be the people in your life whom you trust. Parents,
teachers, friends, and School or College Counselors are all people to consider.
 There are many “college-essay” websites - some that are more legitimate than
others. Please consult your College Counselor before using any on-line help.
Never plagiarize any portion of your essay or let anyone else write it for you.
Colleges investigate suspected plagiarism.
Updated 8/2016


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