Outline For Preparing Your Resume And Addendum


Outline For Preparing Your Resume and Addendum
Resume should include the following elements in this order:
Education section (each school, degree, year of degree completion, honors, GPA and/or class
Certifications - CPA, bar memberships, etc.
Work history - List of all positions in chronological order with the most recent at the top.
Each position should include:
Name of Employer
Under the Employer name, list 2-3 sentences describing the company - revenue size,
industry type, short description of international structure (example: $5 billion
pharmaceutical company with operations in Europe, Asia & Latin America including 10
manufacturing sites and 20 distribution centers outside the U.S.).
(It is not necessary to include a company description for a Big 4 public accounting firm
or major law firm.)
Dates of employment - list all positions and dates of employment. If you have had
multiple positions at one employer first list the overall dates and then list the specific
dates for each position.
Job description section (for each position - keep to one paragraph) Describe your overall
role and major areas of responsibility. Include the reporting structure - who you report
to and who reports to you. Please keep "1st person references" to a minimum. You want
to bring across your abilities as a team player.
Additional sections at the end of your resume can include publications, professional organizations
(ex: Tax Executives Institute, American Bar Association), computer skills and personal
accomplishments - if kept short.
It is not necessary to include sections listing references (you can provide those when you are
actively in the process of interviewing for the position) or a career objectives/career summary
Naming your resume - When saving your resume to a Word (or other word processing software)
document - USE YOUR NAME. H/R and tax hiring authorities receive many resumes a day called
resume.doc or something similar. The best way to have your resume properly noticed &
categorized is something like JohnSmithTaxResume.doc, or JaneDoeTaxAttorney.doc.
Addendum should be a 1 to 3-page document listing accomplishments in bullet point form. This can
include technical projects and/or examples of leadership/management accomplishments. If possible,
quantify tax technical accomplishments by some metric (approx. dollars saved; approx. liability exposure
avoided in dollars; percentage reduction in ETR; increased cash flow by dollars, etc.)
Addendum can be broken down to include a section listing projects from your current employer and
additional section(s) listing projects from past employers. Include projects that will directly relate to the
position under consideration.
Resume Template:
Full Name
Home Address
City, State Zip
Home Phone Number
School last attended


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