Classroom Concepts Information Chart


The following is information on the learning
encompassed in each specific area of the
classroom. This can assist teachers in articulating
these concepts, and the benefits to parents. These
can be cut up and placed in the corresponding
area(s), or re-written to be larger.
When I am building with blocks, I am learning
When I am playing in the dramatic play area I try
about shapes and sizes. I am learning how to follow
on various roles to help me process and understand
a design that I have in my head. When I work with
my world. I am developing my social skills and
friends I have to cooperate and explain my ideas
ability to play with others, while using my
and plans. I am counting, grouping, sorting,
imagination and being creative.
I am exploring
classifying, and problem solving and matching.
concepts and relationships by acting them out.
I am able to learn many concepts and things I didn’t
In the art area I am expressing myself and being
know with books! I am also able to stretch my
creative. I am using my small muscles and am
imagination, creativity, and language development.
developing eye-hand coordination. I am seeing
Books show me that there are universal symbols
cause and effect and the different properties of my
that represent words – this will help me to learn to
materials. I am exploring all different types of
read and write. Books take me to new places!
media. All of my creations are unique and special –
like me!


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