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Someone who prepares your return but doesn't charge you
not have your 2014 income tax return, call the IRS at
should not sign your return.
1-800-908-9946 to get a free transcript of your return or visit
(If you filed electronical-
Electronic return signatures! To file your re-
ly last year, you may use your prior year PIN to verify your identi-
turn electronically, you must sign the return elec-
ty instead of your prior year AGI. The prior year PIN is the five
tronically using a personal identification number (PIN). If you are
digit PIN you used to electronically sign your 2014 return.) You
filing online using software, you must use a Self-Select PIN. If
also will be prompted to enter your date of birth (DOB).
you are filing electronically using a tax practitioner, you can use
a Self-Select PIN or a Practitioner PIN.
You cannot use the Self-Select PIN method if you are
a first-time filer under age 16 at the end of 2015.
Self-Select PIN. The Self-Select PIN method allows you to
create your own PIN. If you are filing a joint return, both you and
your spouse must create a separate PIN to enter as an electron-
If you cannot locate your prior year AGI or prior year
ic signature.
PIN, use the Electronic Filing PIN Request. This can
A PIN is any combination of five digits you choose except five
be found at IRS.gov. Click on “Request an Electronic
zeros. If you use a PIN, there is nothing to sign and nothing to
Filing PIN.” Or you can call 1-866-704-7388.
mail—not even your Forms W-2.
To verify your identity, you will be prompted to enter your ad-
Practitioner PIN. The Practitioner PIN method allows you to
justed gross income (AGI) from your originally filed 2014 federal
authorize your tax practitioner to enter or generate your PIN. The
income tax return, if applicable. Do not use your AGI from an
practitioner can provide you with details.
amended return (Form 1040X) or a math error correction made
Form 8453. You must send in a paper Form 8453 if you are at-
by the IRS. AGI is the amount shown on your 2014 Form 1040,
taching or filing Form 2848 (for an electronic return signed by an
line 38; Form 1040A, line 22; or Form 1040EZ, line 4. If you do
Section 4—After You Have Finished
Return Checklist
Check one or both boxes on line 5 if you (or your
spouse) can be claimed as a dependent on someone's
This checklist can help you file a correct return. Mistakes can de-
(such as your parents') 2015 return? Did you check the
lay your refund or result in notices being sent to you. One of the
box even if that person chooses not to claim you (or
best ways to file an accurate return is to file electronically. Tax
your spouse)? Did you leave the boxes blank if no one
software does the math for you and will help you avoid mistakes.
can claim you (or your spouse) as a dependent?
You may be eligible to use free tax software that will take the
Enter an amount on line 5? If you checked any of the
guesswork out of preparing your return. Free File makes availa-
boxes, did you use the worksheet on the back of Form
ble free brand-name software and free e-file. Visit
1040EZ to figure the amount to enter? If you did not
for details. Join the eight in 10 taxpayers who get their re-
check any of the boxes, did you enter $10,300 if single;
funds faster by using direct deposit and e-file.
$20,600 if married filing jointly?
Did you:
Sign and date Form 1040EZ and enter your
Enter the correct social security number for you and
Include your apartment number in your address if you
your spouse, if married, in the space provided on Form
live in an apartment?
1040EZ? Check that your name and SSN agree with
Attach your Form(s) W-2 to the left margin of Form
your social security card.
Use the amount from line 6, and the proper filing status,
Include all the required information on your payment if
to find your tax in the Tax Table? Be sure you entered
you owe tax and are paying by check or money order?
the correct tax on line 10.
See the instructions for line 14 in Section 3, earlier.
Go through the three steps in the instructions for lines
File only one original return for the same year, even if
8a and 8b, if you thought you could take the EIC? If you
you have not gotten your refund or have not heard from
could take the EIC, did you take special care to use the
the IRS since you filed? Filing more than one original
proper filing status column in the EIC Table?
return for the same year or sending in more than one
Check your math, especially when figuring your taxable
copy of the same return (unless we ask you to do so)
income, federal income tax withheld, earned income
could delay your refund.
credit, total payments, and your refund or amount you
Instructions for Form 1040EZ


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