Sample Unsolicited Proposal Submission Cover Letter Page 9


This is very rough, you need to
be much more detailed in your
Sample Proposal Submission
descriptions of your business.
Enclosure 3
Staffing Plan
This business, Widget concessions, will be operating the same time as the Marine Corps Exchange. The
owner’s brother, H. R. Owner, will be the principle manager for the proposed site. As such, Mr. Owner will be
on-site Monday through Friday. The concession will be staffed as needed from the owner’s cousins,
children, and in-laws on the weekends and holidays. They will also be on hand other days as needed to
cover the store for breaks and heavy sales periods. At no time will the concession be left unattended.
Describe your staffing plan. Who will
work for you and from where will you
draw the employees?
Management Plan
As stated above, Mr. H. R. Owner will be the principle contact for the widget concession. He can be reached
24/7 on his cell phone, blackberry, Twitter, Facebook, and via email. Mr. I. M. Owner lives locally and will
make every effort to check the concession daily for updates, collections, and cash register issues.
In the absence of either Owner, the shift supervisor – Mr. Lackey, will be supervising the sales, stocking, and
resupply of the ready supplies.
Describe your management plan. What
will the management structure be?
Overall Look or Theme
The Owners intend to incorporate the most recent trend of “Extreme Widgeting” in the look and theme of the
concession. We believe that this theme will be popular with the target demographic of the Marine base –
young male Marines from 18-27 years of age. The theme will be carried through in the colors, graphics,
signage, and advertizing for the Widget concession.
Describe your overall look
or theme. If you have a
“franchise” look or theme,
include that. Demonstrate
that you’ve considered how
to market your proposed
business on base.
Your On-Base Source for Extreme Widgets!
The storefront will be done as in the photo below with the signage as above.
Provide a concept drawing of the
storefront or vehicle, an interior
drawing of the floor plan, or some
other device that will enable the
Contracting Officer and the review
panel to “see” your vision for the
space being used.


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