Instructions For Form 8606 - 2015


Department of the Treasury
Internal Revenue Service
Instructions for Form 8606
Nondeductible IRAs
Distributions from Individual Retirement
Note. If you recharacterized a 2015
Section references are to the Internal Revenue
Code unless otherwise noted.
Arrangements (IRAs).
Roth IRA contribution as a traditional
IRA contribution, or vice versa, treat the
General Instructions
If you received distributions
contribution as having been made to the
from a traditional, SEP, or
second IRA, not the first IRA. See
SIMPLE IRA in 2015 and you
Future Developments
Recharacterizations, later.
have never made nondeductible
For the latest information about
contributions (including nontaxable
You do not have to file Form
developments related to Form 8606 and
amounts you rolled over from a qualified
8606 solely to report regular
its instructions, such as legislation
retirement plan) to traditional IRAs, do
contributions to Roth IRAs. But
enacted after they were published, go to
not report the distributions on Form
What Records Must I
Keep, later.
8606. Instead, see the instructions for
Form 1040, lines 15a and 15b; Form
When and Where To File
What's New
1040A, lines 11a and 11b; or Form
File Form 8606 with your 2015 Form
1040NR, lines 16a and 16b. Also, to find
Modified AGI limit for Roth IRA con­
1040, 1040A, or 1040NR by the due
out if any of your contributions to
tributions increased. You can
date, including extensions, of your
traditional IRAs are deductible, see the
contribute to a Roth IRA for 2015 only if
instructions for Form 1040, line 32;
your 2015 modified adjusted gross
Form 1040A, line 17; or Form 1040NR,
income (AGI) for Roth IRA purposes is
If you are not required to file an
line 32.
less than:
income tax return but are required to file
$193,000 if married filing jointly or
Form 8606, sign Form 8606 and send it
Who Must File
qualifying widow(er),
to the Internal Revenue Service at the
$131,000 if single, head of
same time and place you would
File Form 8606 if any of the following
household, or married filing separately
otherwise file Form 1040, 1040A, or
and you did not live with your spouse at
1040NR. Be sure to include your
You made nondeductible
any time in 2015, or
address on page 1 of the form and your
contributions to a traditional IRA for
$10,000 if married filing separately
signature and the date on page 2 of the
2015, including a repayment of a
and you lived with your spouse at any
qualified reservist distribution.
time in 2015.
You received distributions from a
IRAs, later.
traditional, SEP, or SIMPLE IRA in 2015
and your basis in traditional IRAs is
Due date for contributions. Because
Deemed IRAs
more than zero. For this purpose, a
April 15, 2016, falls on Emancipation
A qualified employer plan (retirement
distribution does not include a rollover,
Day, a legal holiday in the District of
plan) can maintain a separate account
qualified charitable distribution,
Columbia, the due date for making
or annuity under the plan (a deemed
one-time distribution to fund an HSA,
contributions for 2015 to your IRA is
IRA) to receive voluntary employee
conversion, recharacterization, or return
April 18, 2016, even if you do not live in
contributions. If in 2015 you had a
of certain contributions.
the District of Columbia. If you live in
deemed IRA, use the rules for either a
You converted an amount from a
Maine or Massachusetts, you have until
traditional IRA or a Roth IRA depending
traditional, SEP, or SIMPLE IRA to a
April 19, 2016, because of the Patriots'
on which type it was. See Pub. 590-A
Roth IRA in 2015 (unless you
Day holiday in those states.
for more details.
recharacterized the entire
Purpose of Form
conversion—see Recharacterizations,
Traditional IRAs
Use Form 8606 to report:
For purposes of Form 8606, a traditional
You received distributions from a
Nondeductible contributions you
IRA is an individual retirement account
Roth IRA in 2015 (other than a rollover,
made to traditional IRAs;
or an individual retirement annuity other
recharacterization, or return of certain
Distributions from traditional, SEP, or
than a SEP, SIMPLE, or Roth IRA.
contributions—see the instructions for
SIMPLE IRAs, if you have ever made
Contributions. An overall contribution
III, later).
nondeductible contributions to
limit applies to traditional IRAs and Roth
You received a distribution from an
traditional IRAs;
IRAs. See
Overall Contribution Limit for
inherited traditional IRA that has basis,
Conversions from traditional, SEP, or
Traditional and Roth
IRAs, later.
you transferred an inherited plan
SIMPLE IRAs to Roth IRAs; and
Contributions to a traditional IRA may be
account to a Roth IRA, or you received
Distributions from Roth IRAs.
fully deductible, partially deductible, or
a distribution from an inherited Roth IRA
completely nondeductible.
Additional information. For more
that was not a qualified distribution. You
details on IRAs, see Pub. 590-A,
may need to file more than one Form
Basis. Your basis in traditional IRAs is
Contributions to Individual Retirement
8606. See IRA with basis under What if
the total of all your nondeductible
Arrangements (IRAs) and Pub. 590-B,
You Inherit an IRA? in Pub. 590-B for
contributions and nontaxable amounts
more information.
included in rollovers made to traditional
Dec 18, 2015
Cat. No. 25399E


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