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Customer Reference Agreement
Milestone Systems’ customer stories present positive information about the business value that the
Milestone solution gives the customer and it showcases the value that the partner provides.
The customer approves the final content of the customer case.
The customer grants Milestone Systems the right to use and distribute the materials, in electronic
or hard copy form, in whole or in part, without fees or additional permissions, in internal and
external marketing activities such as presentations, proposals, papers and on the web, social
media and any other current or future media.Once approved, text/materials (including quotations,
photographs, company logo and other images) can be used in whole or in part in the media without
further permission. This also applies to translations for international use.
This reference agreement can be terminated at any time by written notice from either party.
If this reference agreement is ended, all references to this customer will be removed from Milestone
Systems’ website and presentations and Milestone Systems will not publish this information in the
I have the authority to sign this agreement on behalf of the below-named company and I release Milestone
Systems from any liability in connection with any use or uses described in this reference agreement.
Case study
: ______________________________________________
Name (printed):
Company Name:
l: _________________________________________________________________________
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Jos Svendsen, PR Manager, EMEA, Milestone Systems,
Courtney Pedersen, PR Manager Americas & APAC, Milestone Systems,


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