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Academic Suspension Appeal Forms
Description of the Forms and Process
What is the purpose of these forms? Students who receive notification from the university that they are being placed on a
second or third academic suspension should fill out these forms if they wish to appeal their suspension because they
believe they…
have a documentable, mitigating circumstance beyond their control that led to a disruption of their studies
and can provide evidence that they have corrected or can correct the circumstance that led to their suspension.
What happens after the forms are submitted? A student seeking an appeal will scan and e-mail, fax, or mail the student
form and accompanying documentation to the Registrar’s Office in McCastlain Hall. The Registrar will then forward the
packet to the UCA Academic Adjustments and Appeals Committee (AAA Committee), whose members include the Registrar
and faculty representatives from each college of the university. The advisor will forward the advisor form to the Registrar’s
Office via campus mail after meeting with the student. All forms and supporting documentation are due (7) business days
prior to the first day of classes of the semester in which the student wishes to enroll.
The Chair of the Committee may then communicate with the advisor to ask questions about the appeal. Additionally, the
Committee will be given copies of transcripts for review. The advisor may appear before the Committee by request of the
Committee or the student.
The student will be notified of when the committee will meet to consider their appeal. On that date, the student may
appear before the committee to explain their circumstance and the documentation they have provided as well as any
further information they believe the committee members need in order to consider their appeal.
Documentation That MUST Be Included with Your Appeal Form:
The completed student form (see page two).
A typewritten business letter addressed to the committee that describes the following:
 The mitigating circumstance beyond your control which you believe resulted in your poor
academic performance. Examples of mitigating circumstances may include medical, financial,
legal, or employment issues as well as disruptions in family life.
How you plan to change and improve your future situation so this type of challenge does not
interfere with your academic progress again.
How you would handle this type of situation differently in the future and what you learned from
this experience.
A completed and signed Advising Session Form from your academic advisor (see page three). NOTE: It may be
difficult to schedule a meeting with your advisor during breaks. Give yourself plenty of time to contact your
advisor. If you are unable to reach her/him, contact the chair of the department in which you are majoring.
Documentation You Might Consider Providing:
Evidence that your circumstance was significant enough to truly affect your studies (a letter from an employer, fire
department reports, accident reports, a doctor’s description of your condition)
Evidence that your situation has been resolved or you have taken steps to ensure you are in a better position to
succeed academically (a letter from a professor, employer, any authority who has worked with you recently and
can attest to the improvement of your circumstance).
NOTE: It may be difficult to schedule a meeting with an advisor during breaks, so give yourself plenty of time to prepare.
If you cannot reach your advisor, call the chair of the department in which you are majoring and ask for assistance.


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