No Interest Profit Or Loss Adjustment Form


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No Interest Profit or Loss Adjustment Form
The undersigned customer (the “Customer”) hereby acknowledges and agrees that this P/L adjustment rider (the “Adjustment”)
is hereby incorporated into and made an integral part of the FXDD Malta Limited Customer Agreement, Risk Disclosure and
Trading Policy Documents. For accounts on which interest is not paid or received on open rolled positions, FXDD Malta Limited
shall calculate and apply a profit or loss Adjustment to the Customer’s account using its posted daily roll rates as the basis for
calculation. FXDD Malta Limited shall calculate the profit or loss Adjustment and debit or credit the Customer’s account as of
the close of business each Friday. Neither the profit nor the loss Adjustment shall affect available margin until such time as the
Adjustment is actually applied to the Customer’s account. FXDD Malta Limited’s failure to calculate and make the Adjustment
on a weekly basis does not constitute a waiver of this rider, relieve the Customer of liability for such loss adjustment or relieve
FXDD Malta Limited of liability for such profit adjustment.
ACKNOWLEDGED AND AGREED TO THIS _________________ DAY OF ___________________, 20_____
Customer Signature
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Please Fax a signed copy to: (+356) 2138-3307, or sign and scan a copy to
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