Video Shot Sheet


Video Shot Sheet
Scene or Location ____Bike riding to Damme Belgium__________________________
Subject / Participant(s) ___Darcy & Drew____________________________________
Action ___Riding bicycles on bike path______________________________
Payoff ____Arrive in Town_____________________________
Shots: ___Wide shot Darcy on Bike, long shot riding to camera (wide), s ide view as they
ride past camera on path, POV from riders as they pedal, cu tires on road, cu
feet on pedals, low angle shot ride past (with foreground interest), up at sky as
move under the trees on path, pretty countryside or farmland or houses moving
in same direction as riders (POV), static shots of scenery inclining farms and animals,
establishing shot of town, Wide shot city hall, close up details of city hall architecture,
details (MCU & CU) of town architecture (including window boxes, doorways, flowers,
yards), wide shot church__________________________________________________


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