Top Ten Easter Arts And Crafts Activities For Your Kids


With Easter just around the corner along come the holidays and well-needed time you get to spend with your kids. Our line-up of fun Easter arts and crafts activities might just put a beginning to establishing a new tradition of holiday get-togethers for your family.

If you're looking for some genuinely fun and creative ideas for Easter activities for kids, then you’ve come to the right place. Check out the line-up below and download everything you need for a great Easter celebration with your kids: Easter crafts, decorations, worksheets, coloring pages, baskets, games and more!

1. Printable Easter Bingo Cards

This fun classic is going to be a hoot with kids – get ready to spend a cheerful afternoon playing at home playing or use it as a warm-up for a kids' Easter-themed party.


Bingo is one of the best team Easter activities for preschoolers and will bring lots of joy to any get-together.

2. Spring-themed Activity Sheets

If you are looking for something fun and educational, then this activity sheet might be the perfect Easter-themed tool for learning the alphabet and developing your kids’ writing skills.


The fun design and bright pictures are guaranteed to keep your kids attention for a fun-filled play-time.

3. DIY Basket for Egg Hunting

If your children are feeling extra crafty, try assembling and decorating your very own DIY Easter basket – fun times guaranteed!


Use the print-out as a stencil, transfer the design to some sturdy cardboard or malleable plastic, assemble and you're ready to start decorating. You can later incorporate your crafts into your home decor or use during a game of Easter egg hunting.

4. Peek-a-boo Easter Chick

This easter idea combines one of the toddlers' favorite games with a bit of DIY-ing for a crafty mom! Make the chick go peek-a-boo: download and print out the template onto cardstock Paper, cut it out and enjoy.


This printable is easy to color and assemble – all of the required instructions are provided right there on the page.

5. Easter Egg Costumes

Plain old Easter eggs are a-okay, but Easter eggs dressed in little dainty holiday-themed costumes are even better!


Print out as much as you need – and don’t forget to check out the link above and DIY your own basket – and let your kids enjoy coloring and cutting out the egg-themed decorations.

6. Easter Bunny Shape Cut-out

Still searching for fresh ideas for Easter arts and crafts projects? Well, you might want to stop for this one!


This template is perfect for making a stuffed toy bunny or an Easter-themed paper decoration. Spend some time crafting together with your kids – it’s going to be an experience to remember.

7. Easter Egg DIY Wrappers

One of the easier Easter crafts – cute egg-wrappers! Remember, learning to cut is a process, so you might want to participate in this DIY.


Trust us - your Easter eggs are going to look extra special with some handmade wrappers and tags.

8. Customizable Bunny Mask

Amongst all of the other ideas for Easter crafts, this one is all about holiday fashion.


This printable is perfect for making holiday Easter masks for your children – and the kids are going to love decorating and personalizing them as they wish.

9. Printable Easter Bunny Ears

Jazz up your kids’ holiday outfit with those cute-looking Easter bunny ears.


This activity is preschooler-friendly: just glue the ears onto a strip of paper - be sure to measure your child's head beforehand - staple the ends together and voila!